Funny Legal Threats We Receive

Recently we received a "take down" letter from lawyers associated with the Rorschach Ink Blot test, claiming that we infringed on their intellectual property. Since our wonderful images aren't actually the real Rorachach images, we had the pleasure of writing them and telling them to a) do a better job of lawyering, and b) to piss off.

Here's their letter; our response is below.

Our response:
Date: Fri, 22 May 2009 08:12:33 +0700
From: "Mike"

To: "Sibylle Wenger Berger" <>
Subject: Re: Rorschach ink blots on

Dear Claude and Sibylle,

Apparently you and your law firm are too lazy or too incompetent to have taken
the time to actually examine the ink blots used on the site in question,

If you had examined the blots you would realize that they are, in fact, NOT
the actual Rorschach blots, but are only similar in appearance. They do not
infringe on your intellectual property rights in any way, and as such your
claim of infringement has no merit or validity.

As for your threat to litigate against me in Sweden, I would be more than
happy to visit your lovely country and counter-sue the pants off of you. My
easily-won counter suit for damages would include all the costs of my air
travel, hotels, rental cars, food, prostitutes, and souvenirs, as well as a
million billion dollars for emotional distress and loss of business due to
your baseless lawsuit. I may also ask for ownership of the Swedish Bikini
Team, including the right to fondle them as I see fit. So yes, please sue me
in Sweden. I will start packing my lederhosen immediately.

I trust this detailed response both addresses and satisfies your inquiry, and
that you will consider this matter fully resolved.

Have a nice day.



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