The Inkblot site is a fun test similar to the Rorschach test. We don't use the actual Rorschach cards but we use a set that is very similar in appearance. The test results are completely nonsensical and should not be relied upon in any way, shape, or form (except for a good laugh). Needless to say, we don't actually do any "analysis" of your responses, nor are they stored, kept, or tabulated in any way. It's all just a bloody daft joke, okay?

If you liked the Inkblot Test (or even if you didn't), you might like some of our other thoroughly useless pages, such as:

The fine folks at WBCQ The Planet mentioned
on the air, but they were later cleared by local authorities and completely avoided prosecution. (whew!)
Go check out their show at WBCQ The Planet!

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