Actual emails received from people who have taken our Ink Blot Test...

Campbell seems upset. She took the test and then was sooooo triggered by the "results" that she had a mini-meltdown. She wrote us (lol) and got several replies from the reply-bot before we stepped in. We'll spare you most of it, but a snippet of her drunken blather below will give you the gist of it...

Nov 18 at 6:56 PM
who really cares you f*ckin' loser? it's apparent that you know absolutely NOTHING about the origins of the Rorschach test, although I will agree that it's value is dubious at best. But everyone has known that for ages. Why don't you just admit you're out of your league? You've finally met your match and you can't take it. I knew it was bullsh*t; I didn't even take the fake test, I just created this discourse to f*ck with your feeble mind, and you fell right into the hole! YOU'RE the jackass, 'cause it appears that you think you're the only one who can make up a load of sh*t that anyone will swallow; well, you swallowed my big fat turd hook, line, & sinker, you f*ckin' insignificant NOTHING!!! And don't pretend you have some auto-bot (patently ridiculous!) answering this sh*t, 'cause no one's buyin' it!! Get a f*ckin' life, you disadvantaged failure.....

From: campbell epes

Whatever you say, darling.

We stopped emailing her because she seems unstable, and also because it's not nice to make fun of people with obvious cognitive impairments.

A wonderful exchange with a genuine butthurt loser follows...

I took your test and most questions, I filled in the blank, but after reading your results,it is extremely insulting!! I didnt take it personally because common sense would tell me that you couldn't give me accurate results that quick when I answered with my own words, however, someone with a low self esteem and not very bright, might take your insulting information personally and harm themselves!! Just saying, maybe you shouldn't be so harsh with your wording! From: Jenet Krimpelspleen

We gave her our stock reply (the one we always send to gullible idiots who think this test is real):

"Dear Jenet,

Don't feel too bad about your test results, a lot of people with personality defects like you have can still find some meaning in life and may even be able to form rudimentary, unsatisfying relationships for brief periods of time."

Well gee whiz, that really must have put some sand in her hoohah, because this was the flaming response:

Well I sure hope you have enjoyed you time insulting people, because it is going to come to a screaching hult now thst I reported you to the medical board! Impersonating as a Doctor is a huge fraudulent crime that will do you some wonderful time in prison, but hey, you should mind that considering what a serious homo you are!! Have fun in the showers with those big burly men and dont forget your soap on a rope, because your gunna need it!! Your days are numbered! And the funny thing is, something tells me you are some absolute nerd hiding behind your laptop thinking your some tough guy because nobody can see you! You aint nothin but a pussy with a big f*ckin mouth!!
From: Jenet Pimpelsnort

Touchy, touchy! After we told her to a) pull the stick out of her butt and b) to stop being such a pansy and c) that reporting us was the kind of thing only a fool would do, she really went off the deep end:

Boy you are really stupid then if you think im bullsh*ting you and you actually think there isn't such a place because there is very much so, and I very much indeed did report you Mr. Dr. MIKE! And see what happens if you post my private email messages without my consent! I would love to sue the sh*t out of you for doing so!!
From: Genital Klampelcramp

So sure, feel free to sue us for being butthurt, Jenet. See how far that gets you. lol


ps- Jenet, we think it's time to up your meds. Just sayin'...

I am making a generative chatbot so if possible could you please send your rorschach test data without the names, i.e anonymous data.

From: Rishabh

Dear Rishabh,

Here you go, the last 4,000 user responses formatted as a CSV file. Hope this helps!


NOTE: What we actually did was cobble together 40,000 lines of random nonsense data using an online test data generator. It was 100% pure bullcrap, but we hope it makes him happy. Here's a sample line of the "data" we sent him:

2715, Male,, bf4b9e33-7693-4aba-afe6-82db9f56807c, cd00b5cc-5f1a-40a2-98b0-b9cd50f974f1, e46755ea-85cb-47fb-862b-63c3e7b345d4, 95d05179-38ee-4476-a863-ea9497511712, #453

Ain't we just a bunch of stinkers? :)

The inkblot test is amazing. I stopped the Illuminati from tracking me with the dank SWAGERINOZ of the test. The test gave me the ultimate 420blazeit power to ascend to the astral plane of Mountain Dew and Doritos with intense POGCHAMP. 420/10 will smoke weed again.

From: Bob

Dear Bob,

The Illuminati instructed us to highlight all the important words in your email.


Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself. Go f*ck yourself.

From: [email protected]

Dear Mr afjdkg (if that is your real name),

This kind of repetitive repeating indicates a repetition issue that points toward an inability not to repeat things repetitvely.


Your test result is totally absurd, improper, suck and bullshit! How can you judge people as total chaotic, pathetic, and idiot? I took this test because I wanna know if this page is true or not. I suggested you'd better shut this page off and go study more. Think of people who take your test, not Psychology student, know nothing about Psychic and eat up all your creepy bullshit! Don't you feel guilty for that?! Don't post up these crap anymore! It's a cancer to the Psychology history.

From: Hanie Xu

Dear Retard Hanie,

Don't feel too bad about your test results, a lot of people with personality defects like you have can still find some meaning in life and may even be able to form rudimentary, unsatisfying relationships for brief periods of time.


how many times do i have to tell you that i didn't steal your per cat?? Stop accusing me! I didn't see it nor stole it! The noise you're hearing, yeah well that's just my cat! Are you accusing me of pet stealing?? unacceptable !

From: Dude

Dear Dude,

If our cat isn't returned within 48 hours, we'll tell the whole world about what happened with your last cat, understand?



I don't feel bad about my test result. I'm asking for your impolite sh*t words for my fake test result
You named yourself "Dr." huh? FAKE!
Call me "loser", MIRROR PLEASE, MONSIEUR!!
Duh~ how pity those who believe you and end up as chauffeurs, prostitutes and gardeners.
Prostitutes, gee~ maybe you are the "DOCTOR PROTITUTES' DANDY DADDY"
I'm not whining, DOCTOR-FAKE!!
You did put fire first. You assume me as total idiot in my fake test. You said stupid things bout my life is a mess and blah.. blah..
Wonder if you're the one with such life and fake accuse it onto others.
You're a pathetic creature. I pity you.. hahaha~ momma shud never teach 'im to be a gud boy..
I've never seen a psychiatrist accuse and fake judge the patient or test taker that way. It really shows how FAKE-FAKE-FAKE you are.
Have a nice day, duh~

It's "Hanie" not "loser" or "little-bitch"

p.s.: stop your fake accuse, DOCTOR-FAKE :)

Dear Little-Bitch,

Wait, are you claiming our test is fake??


I took your test again, with random answers this time. It sed "You have difficulty concentrating or keeping on task, probably because your an idiot with a short attention-span". Well maybe i am but your test is rong, because I DO love Justin Beiber with a burning passsion, and I DO love Lunchables©. You made me cry and i'm going to tell my dad on you guys and get your web page shut down and I hate you!!!!

From: Emma Brass

Dear Emma,

We're sorry we made you cry (not really, lol). Face it, you got suckered into taking a fake test on the internet, but that's happens when little girls like you use a computer without adult supervision. Now go kiss your Justin Bieber poster and then finish your Lunchable. And hurry, because My Little Pony is almost on the TV machine!


My answers were mostly other with a comment, the first set of results gave me 100% I pressed retabulate it gave me 41% I pressed retabulate again it gave me 64% and again it gave me 91%. I think perhaps your corrective-linear algorithm is ****!

From: Ian Godfrey

Dear Ian,

No offense, but if you had any less brain activity, in most countries it would be legal to harvest your organs.


I'm not sure what your aim here is, but insulting individuals based on something that's clearly supposed to be accurate is nonsense. Clearly you're the idiots and this test was a massive waste of f***ing time.

From: Ashley

Dear Ashley,

We graciously accept your admission of defeat, and we'll publish your drivel on our "Emails" page so everyone can have a good laugh at your expense.


The moment I realize that this is a troll blog.. I really hope you die and burn in that hell of a life of yours

From: Suck a **** spongebob

Dear Suck a **** spongebob,

Sorry to hear abiout your inbred gullibility. Better luck next time, suckah!


Thanks to your test, it helped me seek out help for my 90% test result and receive my diagnosis of Ebola and receive the top secret cure the CDC has at its underground base hidden in Alaska which instantly resolved my sexual attraction to my grandmother. Thank you so much!

From: Phil

Dear Phil,

Glad we could help resolve those issues for you.


This "test" is a total joke. Thank you for misrepresenting something that could have the potential to be meaningful. You should not be permitted to use the phrase "Rorschach Test" on your site, as nothing you've created here represents the test or any research in its stead. I hope you get a laugh out of reading people's responses, as I don't see any other point to having wasted your time creating this farce.

From: Mr Carin Genty

Dear Mr Genty,

Sorry to hear about your extreme case of "butt-hurt-itis". Many doctors say that removing the giant stick from your ass will make most of the symptoms go away. Please let us know how that works out for you.


Ha ha, you suck. I took the test three times, retabulating ten times for each, with purposely differing answers and all the same sh*tty answers came up. You are a fraud and the very type of people you describe.

From: Hapless Noob

Dear Hapless Noob,

Our test can remotely detect clueless idiots, which is why you got the answers you did. It's also statistically biased against morons, so that may have also had an effect in this case.


for the results of the Rorschach test, i really thing this is not serious,,,,terrible.i am a psychologist and horrible tabulation.

From: valbona

Dear valbona,

What was your first clue that this was all just a silly joke?

We're very sorry that you're a psychologist, and even sorrier that you're a horrible tabulation. We suggest that next time you get your degree at a school where they have capital letters.


you've basically written out a load of rude remarks and made them alternate no matter what the score.

From: wienerbrain

Dear wienerbrain,

Yeah, we know.


Your test is inappropriate and inaccurate. And I would like to see a disclaimer on your website stating these facts.

From: Michelle P.

Dear Michelle,

We designed it to be inappropriate and inaccurate. And we would like to see a picture of you naked, riding a robot unicorn on the moon hunting space aliens with a spatula.


This is completely false! I have never pulled wings off of butterflies, and I am capable of having meaningful relationships! I will never live in my parents basement; however, you may have the unfortunate ways of a psychopath, seeing the outrageous answers you gave me.



Once you leave your parent's basement you may feel the urge to pull the wings off of butterflies subside. You may even be able to have a meaningful relationships (even if it's with a dog or a sheep).


Your ink blot test is shitty; your results are incredibly rude and presumptuous and inaccurate.

From: blogger

Dear blogger,

Thank you, Captain Obvious.


This is a bit sick, especially considering some people have mental illnesses and will be seeking diagnosis from your quiz. I intend to sue you for exploiting and tormenting the mentally ill. So, less you wish to come up with an out of court settlement of an amount which I see fit, I shall see you in court.

p.s, I suppose you think it's funny that innocent children die pointlessly every year because of people like you?

From: Oli Myers

Dear Oli,

We're very sorry to hear about your extremely tiny penis, and we welcome your idiotic lawsuit.


To tell you that your whole site is sh*t and that well....just...go ****

From: Jason

Dear Jason,

We sincerely appreciate your kind words! Please tell your mommy "thank you" for helping you to write the note.


you are a disgrace to the psychological community. your inkblots are distorted and you provide pre-set answers for people to choose, which defeats the purpose of the test.

From: Kieran

Dear Kieran,

No kidding? Wow, who knew the "test" wasn't legit?? Thank you for your valuable input *cough*.


What a stupid end result. Saying I live in my parents basement and I might as well give up on my f**king life? Go die in hell you ass.

From: Johnson

Dear Johnson,

Relax, there's nothing wrong with living in your parent's basement, many famous people lived in their parent's basements before being convicted.


This is the worst test and the most immature person who has nothing better to do with their lives, but waste other peoples time. You are a fraud and I will tell EVERYONE DO NOT GO TO THIS SITE IT IS A FRAUD. I will rate this site a 0 and report you for deception because you are evil. Good luck getting somewhere in your life besides creating bogus websites.
reason: general question
Oh no, please don't tell everyone to come here, please please.


this is horrifying. if a person really is in need of help and takes you seriously, you could really be hurting someone

From: DRCM

Dear DRCM,

What's your point?


Ok now I understand. I read about the site. Forget what I said sorry for the email. I have a mental disability I was taking this seriously. Ironically this is an ink blot test in it of itself! It's all in the way we perceive things... Literally!
Thanks for calling me an idiot. I researched the topic of why people use insults and name calling. It's very interesting. Even the word idiot has been used to classify babies that were born mentally retarded. Of course that was a long time ago. Can you imagine that happening this day in age? The doctor hands over a mentally retarded child to it's mother and says "here is your brand new idiot!!" this would for sure be headlining every news paper for weeks. Imagine the fall out over a simple word. In regards to insulting comments, it damages the ego of the one who register the insult. It's described as popping an inflated balloon in someones mind. Well, to be perfectly honest it felt like Hiroshima all over again to me. I've really got to lighten up. Wow what an interesting lesson of chance, fate and psychology. I applaud your humor and wish you luck in your endeavors.

From the newest member of idiocy, Nichole B.

From: Nichole B.

Dear Nichole B.,

Glad we could help. Cheers!


I took your test and it said I had sickness quoitent 70%. I was just wondering what does that mean?

From: Jacob

Dear Jacob,

It means your sickness quotient is more than 69% but less than 71%. Obviously you're very, very sick. Many people with sickness quotients of 70% hurt kittens. Please do not hurt any more kittens.


After taking the Inblot test, I am concerned about the acuracy of the 'answers' that I gave. Is there any 'right' answer? If everyone can look at an ink blot and 'see' what they see - based upon their knowledge of people, places, the world, and how they connect, how then, does one expect to believe the results. Is this just for 'fun', because I am really concerned about my results- hating my job (I don't - I love it - I am a teacher), incapable of a meaningful relationship (what proves this to be a fact?). And what happens when you 'recalculate'? Is that manipulating the responses - if not, then what does recalulating mean? I would like to learn so much more. I was planning to allow my students to take this test as an activity (We are reading, "Flowers for Algernon") and I really don't want to scare the beJesus out of these 8th graders, should their results return negative, insensitive, or make them feel they are 'crazy'. I have enough instability on a daily basis with 101 8th graders. Please help this teacher! Thank you sincerely.

From: Paula

Dear Paula,

Thank you for contacting us; I'll try to answer your questions to the best of my ability.

1) There is no set of "right" answers per se; it depends entirely on the individual's responses, just as it would as if the test were administered by a real clinician or underwear salesman.

2) Occasionally the results may not agree with your perceptions of the question subjects; there is a margin of error that all tests of a scientific nature are subject to.

3) The "recalculate" button does a staggered, bi-modal re-ananlysis of the submitted answers using an optimized differential scale with heuristic grading. Basically, it uses assessment-based methodologies to derive context-sensitive models of the behavioral indices, indexed to a normalized set of statistically compatible projections. Over time it accumulates results and becomes better (more accurate). That's what they tell me anyway.

Dr Mike Rogers

This is a slightly-edited rant directed at all of the numbnuts who don't understand that this site is just a joke, and who write us complaining about their "test results". It was so epic, we decided to share it.

Wow, don't you idiotic ****** internet users read the "About us" section before taking the damn test? You all are just dumber than a bag of hammers. "The test results are completely nonsensical and should not be relied upon in any way, shape, or form (except for a good laugh)" or "It's all just a bloody daft joke, okay?" already tell it is a ******* joke! And a ******* good one too. You all are dumb ***** and should really follow the results and live with your parents in your basement. Did your parents have any children that lived? You are a smelly pirate hooker. Why don�t you go back to your home on Whore Island? You are the ones who are the *********. Love, Jay and Silent Bob: You all are nobody�s friend. If you were an ice cream flavour, you�d be pralines and dick. **** you all who didn't get it. Get a life, you got **** instead of brains. You cheap, no good, rotten, floor flushing, low life, snake licking, dirt eating, inbred, over-stuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fatass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spineless, worm-headed sacks of monkey ****! To call you guys stupid would be an insult to stupid people. I�ve known sheep who could outwit you. I�ve worn dresses with higher IQs, but you think you�re an intellectual, don�t you, ape? It was worthwhile waiting for a movie to load in the internet when I typed this.

From: Bad Girl

Dear Bad Girl,

We think you said it all. Thank you. You are among the 1/10 of 1 percent of people who got it. The rest (99.99%) actually think this is a real test. Kind of sad, huh?


This is the funniest thing I had ever taken. I thank you for putting this joke up online. At first, I clicked on the hyperlink in Google, I thought it was something serious. After looking at the first ink blot, I knew it was a joke. Thanks for making my day, you guys are the best comedians ever. The results were comedic. I'm sharing this site with my friends. You guys rule! But senseless dudes who are pissed off their results are too sensitive for taking a joke so seriously.

From: Yondo

Dear Yondo,

We're glad you liked the site. Yes, some people just don't get that it's a joke. Unfortunately, those people also drive, vote, and breed. :(


Oh my gosh! My answer fitted my personality perfectly. This is amazing, you guys must be trained psychiatrists. It reflected even one of my innermost dark ways. I told my results to my psychologist and he told me that the results actually do match my personality. I had just gone out of rehab, I think I might start go on my killing-spree again. The results reminded me that I should never change, even after rehab. May the carnage begin once more.

From: John Smith

Dear John,

This should shut those people up who doubt the accuracy of our advanced guessing testing procedure.


this test is so mean i went home and cut my self and then my boyfrend bet me

From: jen

Dear jen,

Well then, it looks like our work here is done. Another satisfied customer!


It seems the images, every and each of the 10 offered for examination, are incredible for comments of a normal person. How reliable is the test? I find the offered answer options and the result (the score) a nonsense.

From: Natalya

Dear Natalya,

We're deeply offended at your comments, and we can only assume that you're a very, very sick person. Our test is 100% reliable, sometimes as much as 150% reliable. The fact that you find the options and the scoring to be "nonsense" is undoubtedly indicative of your repressed hyper-ego conflicting with a borderline personality index, manifesting itself as paranoid cromulence and bedwetting. You should be ashamed of yourself.


I did the test,what ihave wrong im my personality,please,i must know
What kind of menthal sick could a have?

From: Romualdo R

Dear Romualdo,

Judging by your incoherent attempt at "writing", we'd say "all of them". It looks like you have schizophrenia, bulimia, Homer's Disease (Doh!), crankulitus, halitosis, borderline personality disorder, and a serious case of the stupids.


i thought this might be a serious test that gives a real answer. the first 2 questions seemed real but after that it became obvious this site is a joke. why do you guys think you are cool for being stuckup a-holes?

From: jimmy da schmidtz

Dear Jimmy,

We're so cool, we can make nimrods like you write to us. (And if the first 2 questions seemed real to you, you're even dumber than your lack of punctuation suggests.)


you are the gayest fags i have ever witnessed on the internet. "lol, lol!" what the **** is that you friendless ****s. Then i recieve a result saying im a future psychopath, have a look at your captions kids... ill leave it there.

From: "Tiny" Dick Bennet

Dear Dick,

We're very sorry to hear about your extremely under-sized penis, but that's a common feature among psychopaths like you who are sexually attracted to farm animals.


Your test is very insulting and caled me an idiot

From: Ty Lucas

Dear Ty,

Yeah, we're always amazed at how accurate it is too.


this is a bullsh*t analysis. whoever designed this is an insensitive ass by saying that my life is a mess. F**k you all, you dont know anything about my life and whoever designed this f***ing sh*t is a quack. by the way i'm a doctor not a f***ing veterinarian like your stupid analysis says. get an education a**holes.

From: Neesha the loser

Dear Neesha the loser,

It seems pretty obvious that your excessive use of foul language is just an attempt to cover up your deep-seated insecurities and sick desires. We understand your frustration at not being able to attract a sex partner, but please don't hurt any more kittens.


im expecting to be insulted some way or another by asking this, but seeing as how your &#%$! test was complete utter BS, could you point me in the direction of a real online test to evaluate mental stability? like, for real?

From: retard #1

Dear retard #1,

We could, like, point you to a real, test, but, like, you'd just flunk that one too. For real. Frankly, the fact that you're stupid enough to write us asking for a "real" test to evaluate your "mental stability" on the interweb means that the test results are a foregone conclusion.


thanks for wasting my time :) if i wanted to waste 10 minutes answering questions, only to be put down, regardless of what my answer was, i would have sparked up a convo with the girlfriend.

From: travis

Dear travis,

That's strange...your girlfriend has always been really nice to us, if you know what we mean and we think you do.


So..... I was driving to Carls Jr. and i thought Holy crap i ******* love and i pulled over and pleasured myself to the thought of me taking the test on your website that doesnt make any sense and i had an epiphany that the internet would be completely worthless without

From: Theevohero94

Dear Theevohero94,

We genuinely appreciate your keeping us up to date on the state of your brain tumor, and we're glad we could help facilitate your hamburger-related sexual fetish.



From: MIKE

Dear MIKE,

Thanks for letting us know where grandma is, we all thought she was still in rehab.


So I took the test. And the first two-three questions seemed promising, until you started fooling around acting all cool. Maybe you should have serious answers to all the blots. ._. reason: general question

From: Jinx

Dear Jinx,

Yeah, and maybe we should rename the site to "A List Of Stupid Suggestions By Jinx".


That was a cruel answer. I resent what I read. I was researching for a personality development class and wasted my time taking your test to read the absurd results at the end. Please close down this site or advertise that this is a joke of a site so serious people don't waste their time the way you have on making this.

From: anna

Dear anna,

On one hand we're very, very sorry that our test demolished your tiny little ego and crushed your marginal sense of self worth. On the other hand, we printed out your email, passed it around at our last Staff Meeting and everyone had a good laugh at your expense. So all in all, it was a "win" for us.

As far as "closing down the site", yeah, we'll get right on that. We always close down a site anytime some ignorant boob contacts us and whines about how they fell hook, line, and sinker for something as transparently stupid as this.


i'm a psychology student.we had a training for the administation, scoring and analysis of Rorschach important suggestion from me is that please be accurate and careful in rating one's personality.this is not the way to conduct a test.No psychologist will give hints for what a person sees in a card.he or she has to interpret from the responses given by the patient. and moreover no one can give an interpretation for a projective test so fastly.

From: Suryasreek

Dear Suryasreek,

Before Dr. Nick was arrested, he said we were the bestest student he'd ever had in the entire month running of his "Psichology Made EZ" school. You're just jealous of our amazing insight and training and stuff.


Are your tests a joke or are they for real. Because they are really offensive if you are just saying mean things about me for a joke.

From: Mandar P.

Dear Mandar,

Our tests are absolutely 100% a joke for real. Any mean things that may have been said about you are definitely on purpose an accident. We really don't give a crap are very, very sorry if you were offended.
Jim, fix these edits and remove the struck-out parts so this dipstick doesn't get all pissed off and go on a shooting spree. thanks. -jp


this is a freaking joke and i didnt think it was funny. sorry.

From: krystyne

Dear krystyne,

We're sorry you're sorry, but don't feel bad. People that don't understand relatively simple things like how to use capital letters are often unable to understand humor. On the other hand, you did say it was a "joke" so you must have actually thought it was funny. In other words, you're a very confused young woman who probably needs some intensive, clothes optional counseling to resolve your inner conflicts.


I dont find you funny, clever and think that your letter to lawyers sounds like it is from a bunch of thick teenagers showing off.

From: Thick Teenager Showing Off

Dear Thick Teenager Showing Off,

What a coincidence- we don't find you funny or clever either, and we think that your letter to us sounds like it is from a thick teenager showing off. Oh, wait...


you f**** wasted my im gonna do something to you which will put you in need for a pregnancy test...mother f*****rs....

From: Some Lamer

Dear Lamer,

Thank you for your heartfelt invitation for some rough sex, but we'll have to decline your generous offer at this time.
P.S. - Don't kiss your mother with that mouth!
P.P.S. - Don't worry about wasting your time, you were just going to pleasure yourself to a picture of Larry King again, so all in all it was a net gain for you.


Dear sir, madam. I am intresting in the catalogus 2010 and laminat test the rorschac. And the handtimer aristo sylver. Please send me a direction in belgian where i cant buy the stuff. kind regards Ricardo

From: name: Ricardo V******

Dear Ricardo,

Frabjulating coniptious gazpacho, but hammercline explemfaratarion! Canseco calabra nefertitti, diplimento shageriffic. Word salad profligimentem crapulent!


Interesting idea, however to be an accurate Rorschach Test, blah blah blah blah (large blob of pointless rambling removed) blah blah blah. Basically, It's a childish attempt to provoke a negative response from ignorant viewers.

From: Zach

And it worked! Thanks for playing, better luck next time!


How did this figure out I hate my parents? So true! And this also affirms everyone is out to get me! Thank you so much for developing this! I am going to kill everyone I can now. I feel complete!

From: Jonathan

Glad we could help, Jonathan. It's notes like yours that give us that reaffirm our faith in psychotic people.


You guys are absolute IDIOTS !!!
My 'reading' was absolute NONSENSE - I LOVE cats, for example, your 'results' said I hated cats. Whatever . . .

From: Jon D.

It's pretty obvious from your angry denials that you really hate cats, which is why they figure so prominently in your psychological imbalance. Please don't hurt any more cats, Jon.


I pray that most of the emails that I just read are as fake as your testing was, If people looked at the choices given and actually believed that the institute would have multiple choice as followed are not familiar with the actual method of testing, no swaying is involved to the one taking the test. Please keep responding the way you are, and note to people, please understand the test before you take it.

From: Newman

Newman, we're sorry to say that these emails are absolutely 100% real. We couldn't make this stuff up if we tried. In other words, a lot of the people that come here are blithering idiots.


i re-tabulated 3 times and got different answers, 2 of them couldn't be more wrong, 1 of them had a slight correctness, the answers you have already seemed to be in jest,

From: mark

"Seem to be in jest"? What was your first clue, Einstein? Could it have been the fact that you're taking a psychological test on the internet?


YOur test is a junk. It is insulting junk.

From: el

And your point is what, exactly?


I just cannot believe how stupid - AND pointless this test was. Is insulting ppl the way? I loathe your test.

From: ara

Thank you for your mildly amusing - AND pointless comment. We loathed it.


Comments: F**k You - you F**king demons. I love demons and angels and i love you. I love good and bad, cause there's no bad it is all about love if you call it love or if you prefer to call it F**k it is the same one. F**k is simple uncomplicated love so i believe in F**k but not in ''I love you'' - unless I say it.... because i know I don't expect anything by saying it.

From: retarded nimrod

Retarded Nimrod,

Looks like it's time to up your meds again.


Comments: you are so funny ppl. You can't even fool yourselves so to full others is out of question. This is like a blessing to you F**king devils. :P

From: some loser

Mom, we told you repeatedly that this site was off-limits to you.


Comments: That was a lot of fun. Can you refer us to a "real" rorschach test? Would be realy interested. Ta.

From: Hector

Comments: I got a good laugh from clicking the retabulate score, over and over and over again. Thanks!!!

From: Danielle

Comments: Can you send me ink blots

From: Regan

Comments: i think your test messed me up , i actually took it seriously .nbsjchwc i dunno what to say exept F**k you .

From: baya


If you were any stupider, you'd be on life-support with a machine breathing for you.


Comments: your test is whats sick, all those pretty butterfly and mermaids and poor abuse of bats and wolves and bears parrots all doing God knows what to make a test for you fools to test the fools who relly think you know what you are doing. Ha take that you rorschach nuts.

From: Betty W.

Comments: you are so mean

From: rob

Comments: excuse my inquiry, but i was wondering about the "lawsuit" and if they wrote you back after your letter? because that is hillarious.n

From: adrianna


Nope, we never heard another word from them. That's probably because they're a bunch of damn idiots.


Comments: How accurate is your Rorschach test?

From: Thady


Under normal circumstances, it's over 100% accurate, sometimes as much as 150% accurate.


Comments: I'm not sick I work extremly hard, I make straight A's in school, I have a wonderful boyfriend, I choose my friends wisely because I do have trust issues, I like my mother but not my father, he did drugs, drank, and abused us. Right now I have four close friends, (abby, anna, donna, and kelsey) and then some that I just hang out with. I hate your stupid test, people aren't crazy because they're a little different.

From: Brittney


That's what all the crazy people say.


Comments: the results change doesnt work u let me down

From: zach


Your refund is in the mail. We hope your severe head injury heals up real soon so you can write us back with more stupid sh*t.


Comments: this is the worst ink blot test i've ever taken!!! horible job!!!

From: F**k you


Oh, that's what all the repressed, kitten-hurting pedophiles with low IQs say.


Comments: can you give me information about the posibility to obtain the rorschach test tables for a scientific work

From: Dr. Adalbert B.


From: Sean Cooper


We're very sorry to hear about your extremely tiny penis, and the rash will go away if you stop touching it so much.


Comments: My inquiry is that your psychological test is false. A great deal of psychiatrists use this test to determine the sanity of the person being tested. and the fact that this test is/was ranked eighth in all psychological tests is preposterous. I believe that i am unquestionably sane, but I honestly answered the questions listed and the outcome of my answers were pretty much a slap in the face, wow your 100% F**ked up go get some help and quit indulging in your typical arrogant proclivities and feeding your ego. I am not very egotistical but i believe your site is a load of shit because I am an exceptionally hard worker and I do not live in my parents basement so your test is inaccurate. And if you do not believe my prolonged inquiry then please by all means take the test yourself and observe the outcome of your answers you so deliberately, honestly answer.

From: rageagainstthemachine666


Sure, whatever you say. Now go finish your Lunchables and let the big people finish talking, okay?


Comments: Yeah, seriously, that was pathetic, I mean, I know I got that interpersonal insight thing because I kept selecting other, mostly because your answers are retarded, seriously, if they took pictures I'd suggest you tear this site down and throw it on quizilla cus it belongs among the other refuse hosted there

From: Jeff G.

Comments: Thank you for a stress relieving laugh after having just been forced to take this stupid test thanks to a court system that refuses to recognize that they have merely become a legally sanctioned avenue of abuse/harrassment. email: [email protected]

You're welcome!


Comments: MAN DIZ TEST IZ BULL****!!!!!!!! i aint no mental retarded yall nukkas iz!! so f**k yall!! name: jorge

We're sorry, but we don't speak "retardo". Please have your mommy email instead so that we may answer your question(s).


Comments: I want to know what does those pictures talking about to poeple. I have a friend wants to do the test but he doesn't know what they mean, and so do I. name: Josephine

From: Brian K. Taylor
February 12, 2014

RE: Cease and desist from harassment, threats, and further actions
This CEASE AND DESIST ORDER is to inform you that your persistent actions including but not limited to repeatedly sending me harassing and threatening emails on Tuesday, February 111, 2014 have become unbearable. You are ORDERED TO STOP such activities immediately as they are being done in violation of the law. I have the right to remain free from these activities as they constitute harassment, and I will pursue any legal remedies available to me against you if these activities continue. These remedies include but are not limited to: contacting law enforcement to obtain criminal sanctions against you, and suing you civilly for damages I have incurred as a result of your actions.

Again, you must IMMEDIATELY STOP emailing me harassing and threatening messages and refrain from posting anything about me or in reference to me on website and send me written confirmation that you will stop such activities. You risk incurring some very severe legal consequences if you fail to comply with this demand.

This letter acts as your final warning to discontinue this unwanted conduct before I pursue legal actions against you. At this time, I am not contacting the authorities or filing civil suit against you, as I hope we can resolve this matter without authoritative involvement. I am not under any circumstances, however, waiving any legal rights I have presently, or future legal remedies against you by sending you this letter. This order acts as ONE FINAL CHANCE for you to cease your illegal activities before I exercise my rights.To ensure compliance with this letter, and to halt any legal action I may take against you, I require you to fill in and sign the attached form and email it back to me within 10 days of your receipt of this letter. Failure to do so will act as evidence of your infringement upon my legal rights, and I will immediately seek legal avenues to remedy the situation.

Sincerely, Brian K. Taylor

Sorry, but we're not really good at responding to threats. In fact, we take it as kind of a challenge. :)



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